Series 64



Type:   Semi-Commercial
Construction:   Cast Iron
Fuel:   Gas-Fired (Natural or LP)
Input:   345 to 632.5 MBH
Output:   279 to 525 MBH
Venting:   Natural Draft
Trim:   Water or Steam
Ignition:  Spark (Standing Pilot Standard on 64-07 & 64-08 Models)
  • Packaged or Knockdown Semi-Commercial Gas Boilers
  • Natural or LP Gas
  • Natural Draft (Chimney) Venting
  • Electrically Operated Vent Damper (Optional)
  • Large Water Content
  • Single Vent Draft Hood
  • Standing Pilot or Spark Ignition
  • Steam or Hot Water Boilers
  • Skim Tapping for Cleaning Steam Boilers
The Series 64 boiler from Peerless is a semi-commercial, atmospheric, gas-fired boiler for hot water or steam systems. Ranging from seven to 12 sections in six sizes, the Series 64 boiler has an 81% combustion efficiency and an input of 345 to 632.5 MBH. The Series 64 boiler is offered as either a packaged unit or knockdown with factory assembled split block sections for ease of handling. The boiler is available for either natural or LP gas with spark ignition (seven and eight section boilers are also available with standing pilot ignition). A single vent draft hood allows for natural draft (chimney) venting. The Series 64 boiler features a sizeable water content ideal for steam and large volume, hot water jobs. All boilers have steel push nipples that provide a permanent, watertight seal between sections, and a manual reset high limit control. Steam boilers offer a float type low water cut-off and skim tapping for thorough cleaning. Standard equipment on the Series 64 boiler include Honeywell operating controls and a deluxe, insulated, enameled steel jacket that completely encloses gas valves and burners, to reduce boiler heat loss. The low profile design of the boiler allows it to be used in limited clearance installations.